Spatial Perspectives

The Diary of Anne Frank - (1959) Directed by George Stevens

Starring Millie Perkins, Joseph Schildkraut, Shelley Winters

Great picture. Suspenseful, endearing, and sad. History never truly learns its lesson, so I can't help but imagine what if this were to happen again.

Winner of both Best Art Direction-Set Decoration and Best Cinematography at the 1959 Academy Awards, every scene in this film was so rich; the kiss scene in the shadows between Anna and Peter made one forget they weren't watching a romantic drama. And the magic of Stevens is, I sat there just as suspenseful, waiting for that kiss, as I was when the curious gestapo inspected the office...In fact, I held my breath as if I was there myself.

Millie Perkins is beautiful. I had to say it.

Rear Window - (1954) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly

I wish I could erase parts of my memory temporarily, for instance, that Tiny Toons episode where Plucky has a broken leg and they pay homage to Rear Window...Or was that Bart in a Simpsons' episode. In any case I wish the film didn't precede itself so much that I already knew the plot. It still didn't ruin the film for me and I'll tell you why. No one, especially no cartoon can take the place of either James Stewart or Grace Kelly. The latter doesn't even look human, that's how beautiful she is.

I wish I could've met Hitchcock, he seems like the kind of friend I would have; though, he's probably quiet like me so I can't imagine our conversations being that good.

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Anonymous said...

Simpsons did it:)
I've never seen an Anne Frank movie, but I did read the book when i was a teenager. I do believe that we're on our way to a similar situation...sort of. I think that if and when that happens it would work against the enemy because it would just bring us all closer together.