Telekinetic Freedom

Collapse the Walls

by Mr. Lif

from the album I Heard it Today

released 21-April, 2009


Where's the law the says if I make a buck you've gotta get a cut? / Get the fuck outta my pockets and my eye sockets / Bad programming with a smooth slow jam in the background / Thats how you got us all locked down / That sound that I hear / You telling us to fear / Like the motherfuckin' Earth will end this year / Yea, its the same old same old / Actual development is in slow mo / Work a steady day job then go home / You're free to roam anywhere within our zone / Hmmmm / Not really loving all the options? / Here's a little tax break / Now go shopping! / Am I the only one that feels hollow? / A sense of sorrow / From a predesigned Tomorrow? / This world only exists for monetary cause / We should use our mind power to collapse the walls!

(Edan rolls the beat)


When I use the term "The World" / I'm referring to the complex / Megaplex / That never lets you breathe / "Fly over it" / But it never lets you leave / "And you only know" / Everything it lets you see / O.D. on the norm / 'Til we all conform / Same attitude / Same shoes and ties are worn / Then swarm to the screen / 'Til the images seen / Make you forget to dream / Only living for the green and... / Maybe we should take it to the start again / Burn up all the money and then start bartering / Smarter than, this construct / Misconduct / Awestruck / At the fact that we're all fucked! / All ducks in a row / thriving off one mineral / Hurts on the low / So, I compose syllables / Visual / This empire's gonna fall / If we use our mind power to collapse the walls!

(Edan flips the beat)


Take a deep breath / As I give it my best / To flee the realms of stress / Look! Now I'm at the top of Everest / At the crest with my empress / I suggest, we reside in no particular address / Leave the world behind / See the true divine / Lack of limitation through creation / It can't be found within the borders of a nation / Patiently I ski on treetops and eavesdrop / As the leaves talk / If there's an earthquake / I'll let the beat drop / Knees knock in panic / So I cradle the planet / Take a thought and expand it / 'Til it becomes a mode of transit / And it takes me / Where my imagination finds elation / To define sensation / I had to cling to correlation / For a patient waiting in my foyer / I'm like Okoye / Run through / Hit 'em with that check one-two / Travel from the stage to the stone age without a pause / Cause I use my mind power to collapse the walls!

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