Buzz Kill

To sleep: perchance to dream...

Recently on my right arm, what appears to be a mosquito bite, has mounted in cerise pride. Its on my bi-cep and maybe its because I've never been punctured there by Madame Suck that it feels unlike any mosquito bite I've ever experienced. My right arm actually feels slightly heavy because of the hickey; such a gipsy, that little vampire bug!

Fresh for '88, you suckers!

The bite occurred about two nights ago, yesterday it seems the bite inspired a dream. However, the dream was not about mosquitos, rather bees. I was walking through some weird american town in the middle of Iraq, all these white kids were riding bikes and people were hanging by some small lake that most of the houses faced (I didn't see one Iraqi yet I knew I was in Iraq). I wanted to go by the lake but I knew I would stand out and garner looks and an undesired variety of attention, so I walk around instead, behind the houses. There was an empty street with lawns and driveways and at this point I was wearing a book bag (relevant?). As I passed a tree I saw that I had knocked down some bees. Now I didn't slap them to the ground or accidentally bump over a beehive, they were floating about and when I walked into them they fell to the ground, weak bees huh? Before I could notice what had just happened I walked into another group of bees by another tree and once again, to the ground, I knocked them. To avoid a third time, I took to the street but I began to notice some bees were stuck on me, on my shirt and some had stung me in the very tiny instance we made contact. I kept finding a bee or two on my shirt and trying to get rid of them before they stung. Despite my efforts by the time I got to the end of town I had Popeye arms.

I checked my arms when I woke up, it felt so real, the pain.

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