October Make it Happen


If I could request one thing from the media

this month, what, what, what ever shall it be?

Chan Marshall a.k.a Cat Power partnering up with El-Producto to make an R&B record, of course since its El-P and Cat Power, it won't exactly be R&B but their interpretation of what an R&B record could be through their powers combined, aligned, and cosigned.

Especially ill if:

. El-P restricts himself to only production duties, meaning no vocals, maybe a chorus or two, and some occasional shit talk never hurts.

. They tour for the project, meaning I get to see this amazing idea live.

. Its only a one time project.

. The project involves alter egos from both parties.

Each paired with their very own vivid assortment of idiosyncrasies, what could possibly go wrong?

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