Anything Less Would Be Uncivilized

Is it just my opinion that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in the X-Men films is non-other than the equivalent of John Stamos' Uncle Jessie in Full House. The sideburns and meticulously moussed, carefully conspired hairdo, the leather jacket, the boots and the whole "born to be bad" thing; Uncle Wolvie and The Rippers.

Nothing against Hugh Jackman, I like him as an actor. Something against whoever casted Wolverine as a neat hipster who occasionally gets angry and apparently displays great leadership skills (is there even a single scene with Cyclops actually leading the X-Men in any of the 3 films?) Granted, The Ol' Can Knucklehead has always been a favorite in the Marvel world, highly popular and successful in his own right but after three films that basically were Wolverine and the X-Men, we are told that a Wolverine spin-off movie is soon to hit theatres and are furthermore, expected to be impressed.

"Great, A Wolverine movie! Its going to be dark and gritty almost a film noir where we get to see Logan's attitudes and rages explored; where he's allowed free focus without the guilt felt when that same free focus was monopolized on him during the X-Films."

"Uh, not quite. Its actually a quick origin movie and we're going to throw in a bunch of other mutants that are more than unnecessary to tell Logan's story because we don't know how to focus the spotlight on Wolverine unless he's stealing it from other under-developed characters."

Zack Snyder should have directed this film. I did not like The Watchmen but what worked for 300 and even Rorschach, would've worked well for Wolverine. Violence, adrenaline, gore, and uncompromising righteousness. I would love to see a misanthropic, napoleon complexed, scraggily voiced, hairy, canadian runt with adamantium claws and a reason to use them; when you see the character on screen you should be able to almost smell the cigarettes and beer, you should feel aversion on the outside but secretly, an envy to the loss of inhibition and primal freedom for which wolverine is a walking metaphor. I want to see the black and gold stripe costume, the cowl, the grunts and growls; anything less would be uncivilized.


April Heart Beats for Natasha Khan

Its all about Bat for Lashes next week when Two Suns drops on Tuesday. The album is going to be born an Aries, just like me; this means its going to be a hardheaded scatterbrain who makes a puzzle out of life and enjoys getting caught up in the folds so long as he can move forward and because of this, others tend to follow, regardless of whether or not he's willing to lead.


My, How We Hunger

My Monthly Aresian Horoscope
March 21 - April 19

You are walking in the street looking for a place that makes really good sandwiches, its really the bread that makes the defining difference. Its cloudy and light, ghost rain tempts you surrender your search. But you're hungry and demand to spoil yourself, this is supported by your stubborness. You know a place, and the sandwiches almost reach $15 and they taste like $25. Is it foolish? You know its bad for your pockets and everyone is singing them played-out 'economic blues' but you can already taste the rosemary ham and provolone cheese, the olive oil on the green and violet lettuce, the warm panini crust and the soft white bread like sheets of cotton underneath. As you walk down the familiar street, you know there's no interfering. You start to think about red wine to go with the sandwich; later you'll remember how broke you are. You're listening to Gazillion Ear by MF Doom as remixed by Thom Yorke. Despite the cold spring rain, you're electric.

Gone But Never Forgotten

The Yamaha SU200

I had so much fun on this machine, it was my first official sampler. I purchased it back in 2001. The sound wasn't all that great but that was in part due to my not using a mixer back then. I took it apart sometime last year since it ceased working years before that (also my fault), I would not hesitate to buy it again; maybe I can find new uses for it.