My, How We Hunger

My Monthly Aresian Horoscope
March 21 - April 19

You are walking in the street looking for a place that makes really good sandwiches, its really the bread that makes the defining difference. Its cloudy and light, ghost rain tempts you surrender your search. But you're hungry and demand to spoil yourself, this is supported by your stubborness. You know a place, and the sandwiches almost reach $15 and they taste like $25. Is it foolish? You know its bad for your pockets and everyone is singing them played-out 'economic blues' but you can already taste the rosemary ham and provolone cheese, the olive oil on the green and violet lettuce, the warm panini crust and the soft white bread like sheets of cotton underneath. As you walk down the familiar street, you know there's no interfering. You start to think about red wine to go with the sandwich; later you'll remember how broke you are. You're listening to Gazillion Ear by MF Doom as remixed by Thom Yorke. Despite the cold spring rain, you're electric.

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