10 Reasons

10 Reasons I would get married

10. Gifts. Ofcourse, this could easily backfire as a good reason if you're friends suck at buying gifts!
09. Honeymoon. I just wish the concept of honeymoon was a more literal interpretation of its name. Imagine a moon made of honey (one would easily help the gravity issue since your moon boots would stick to the surface a little more). Honey is sexy, in fact, its partly made from sex, (bees, flowers, pollination). I'd settle for honey while on the moon; honey tea, honey waffles, honey bisquits, honey wife.
08. Money. I heard that divorce is at an all time high, so much that there are investment companies that will invest in your marriage, they pay you to stay together. Word, I made that up but two bank accounts are better than one and I think there's like tax benefits or something.
07. Crime. Its so much easier to rob banks with your spouse, the connection is adamantly and firmly defined. Not to mention the thrill of being criminals on the run used as a battery for passion and spontaneity to keep the marriage "fresh" and "new."
06. If the woman is Sarah Connor.
05. If the woman is Kylie Minogue's image.
04. Kingdom. If she's a Queen.
03. Blackmail. So romantic, full of grace.
02. Boredom. And its just marriage, its not like its permanent or something.
01. Divorce. saying "wife" isn't that cool to me, but "ex-wife" sounds so dope, especially if you're still young. I need to work out a deal and just marry a friend for a year and then we'll divorce one another so I could introduce her as my ex-wife to other people. Marriage is grown up stuff and divorce is twice as mature since it takes even more maturity to sit and say "you know what, this isn't working..." Imagine your toaster broke and instead of getting a new one you just tinker and tamper with it to where it warms up the bread and you just settle for warm when you really want toast. You just can't over do it. One divorce is all you need, otherwise it looks bad. If you keep buying toasters and they all break it starts to look like you're to blame not toaster's manufacturers.

Stars That Echo

Stars Are Stars
by Echo and the Bunnymen
from the album Crocodiles,
released July-Dece. 1980

The sky seems full
When you're in the cradle
The rain will fall
And wash your dreams

Stars are stars
And they shine so hard

Now you spit out the sky
Because it's empty and hollow
All your dreams
Are hanging out to dry

Stars are stars
And they shine so cold

I saw you climb
Shadows on the trees
We lost some time
After things that never matter
I caught that falling star
It cut my hands to pieces

Where did I put that box
That had my name in it
I saw you climb
Shadows on the trees
We lost some time
After things that never matter

Cards are played
And the clock's real heavy
Say you're numb
Make another day

You came here late
You've gone home early
Who'll remember now
You've gone away
Gone away
Gone away


January Heart Beats for Sarah Connor

"All You Know How to Create is Death..."

This is my January Bride, Sarah Connor.

Woman of action, strength, and intelligence.

This being a blog and all, I don't think Sarah
will get to read it. I have the feeling she's
not too fond of computers.

But I'm with thee, my love.

When Last We Were

Two people pass one another, they are friends, they deliver a hello and good-bye in the same gesture of a single nod. Only one doesn't know its likely to be the final version of such a moment. One takes for granted, the succession of preceding circumstance; that such a situation shall continue indefinitely based solely on the availability in and of the past up to its present point of reference. Furthermore, unconscious is the thought residence of the alteration that may visit upon any circumstance and change its situation. When one sees their friend whom they see from time to time regularly, its not irregular to assume this sight will once again repeat some more as it has, previously up to the last time the two saw one another.

A friend of mine was fired yesterday. Not knowing of her dismissal, I passed her on the street. I didn't gather note of any peculiar difference in her, I would never have guessed she had just been let go. However, as soon as I received wind of her forced departure I realized that when I passed her on the street moments ago, that moment, might just successfully candidate itself as the last time I'll ever see her. The probable end to the brief interaction of life as experienced consciously between her and I.

For there is an absolute lack of reason why I should see her again. I have not her phone number, email, address, nor any example of correspondance to utilize as medium. As a matter of fact, I don't even know if she knew my name. I don't feel she should have, just as theres an abundancy of naught reason why I should possess a mean of sorts to continue interaction with her.

She worked in the neighbor store to mine and all that constitutes this attention I now serve her, is simply a notice within me; spotlit on the general assumption I entertain as habit:


How many friends has one nodded, kissed and hugged good-bye...Inadequately so. An inadequate good-bye because if one knew it was to be farewell for good and ever, one would have smiled much warmer, kissed and hugged much longer, watched with recording eyes all the final details to get the memory freshly established as accurately as possible. One fears memory compensates for the missing material in modes unauthorized by authenticity. Which inspires humor in the manner memory gains substance once the subject is absent from your conscious life...May be why the artist is usually worth more un-live...Or, lovers loved more when time conspires with memory to romanticize all trivialities and disregard the nuisances that bid clear reason as to why that person is no longer part of one's life.

In any case, I am uncertain what I would have said or done, had I known it was the last time I'd see my friend, any of them for that matter. I suppose it best this way. I'm rather close to the idea of assuming my friends will be there tomorrow, so long as there is no dependency involved. And if they are not there tomorrow, then there is always a past to remember when they were, when last we were.


Break Bread Not Hearts or Stomachs

My Monthly Aresian Horoscope
March 21 - April 19

You ate a couple of late night sandwiches,
good bread slices with kraft cheddar (extra sharp)
and mayonaisse...you thought yourself clever and
satisfied. You would've made tea but you were lazy
and tired. Shortly after you showered and fell to
bed, consequently, to sleep. In the morning, you
felt it.

Stomach stabs from that extra sharp cheddar, your
belly feels like its being crushed and ground down
by millions of tiny, ridged diamonds. You are not
doing well. At work you remember you have two 32
FL OZ of Tropicana Apple Juice that you left behind
and can't wait to get there and drink them. Maybe
buy more bread.