Pounce Vs. Purpose (Casting for Catwoman)

Carrie-Anne Moss

So I am hearing much talk of Angelina Jolie and her possible interest in playing Catwoman in the next Christopher Nolan Batman film. I truly hope this does not come to be. Yes, Angelina Jolie is attractive and known for her aggressive, strong roles and personae but I don't see her as Selina Kyle in a Nolan film. Maybe it would've worked in Joel Schumacher's Batman, the fact that Julie Newmar thinks Jolie would make a perfect Catwoman somehow reinforces my distrust of Jolie being a good casting choice. Angelina Jolie is not the only action-woman in cinema and though I'd be the first to celebrate if Ridley Scott made an X-Force film and casted Jolie as Domino, I still feel Christopher Nolan's Catwoman/Selina Kyle would have to be of a similar aesthetic as his Batman/Bruce Wayne. Carrie-Anne Moss would be my first pick for the role, its too easy to see why, she's almost even dressed as Catwoman in the Matrix films but its her role in Memento that reasons my choice. Manipulative, strong, independant and smart, this was Natalie, Moss' character in Memento. Carrie-Anne Moss also looks more like a real Gotham citizen much as Maggie Gyllenhal far exceeded Katie Holmes in authenticity as Rachel Dawes, so much in fact one wishes it were Gyllenhal in Batman Begins. And yes, Jolie has played manipulative, strong, independant and smart characters throughout her career but I can't get over how clean she looks, even without make-up she looks like a super-model. I think she would exaggerate the feel of the character. Lena Headey is also on my top choices for actors to play Catwoman. In the end whoever Nolan decides to go with for the role, I have faith in him. I, in that same end, am not a director and if he sees something I do not in an actor than I trust it will result in yet another addition to my favorite films.


A Face Made From Flesh Enjoyed

English artist Jonathan Yeo figures celebritized pop portraits comprised of hardcore porn picture cutouts. The man is a good portrait painter as well, check out his oil translation of Sly Fox mogul, Rupert Murdoch on canvas. He definitely understands where everything should be as far as tone, light and shadow when cutting pictures depicting acts illegal in some states and composing the collages on these fuckfaces, as I like to call them. This is no doubt credited to and reflected by his talent as a portrait artist. He gets extra points from me for Bush's hair.


One of the Last Nights

Yesterday myself and other fallen stars
approached a cold night with golden throats.
So many heartbeats
that occupied the tundra tentacles of night.
In the midst of stories made of hands
and gray eyes that film like wornout scotch tape.
I am in the middle of this October
and in this apart-mented planet laughs
are slanted in wine
and galaxies of smoke serpents
dance spirals above our silk woven smiles.
Eyes and hands, voices and
shapes for bodies radiation flirts through;
with the warmest approach
tenderly addressed homelessly as far as intention propels.
5 like a hand, each finger a lover,
a glove fits like a night on a day; a week in a heart.
We bid apart as a fist opens,
after swallowing suns into moons
and drifts of December whisper
voluminous previsions among the eyelids
of cold celestial sidewalks.
A burned image in oil protrudes in mind,
holds me there as warm and lonely
as in the arms of a new prostitute.
I surrender submission in exchange
for domain and all its friends.
I stand and fold the moment into my long tired arms,
like years that extend from the shoulders
and end with branch-like boney fingers
that call in stretched creases,
the touch of a sweet banquet of flesh.
5 origins in a carousel at light speed;
the spinning metal whirs
into a long note sung,
proclaimed by our lungs
and all of its deaths.


I Believe in Harvey Dent!

and part of one half of his face is in red.

for those who remember Batman: The Animated Series here is Harvey Dent:


Watch Like You Listen

"Listen Carefully" by Kana Kate Togashi

Eclipse - Coming quickly to terms of all expression laid.
Emotion revealed as the ocean maid
As a movement regained and regarded both the same,
All complete in the side of seeds of life with you.