Pirates of the Caribbean

O brave new world that has such people in't!

In Junior High School, my 7th grade social studies teacher was a diabetic and a rather large man who had a hard time getting around. He sat behind his desk in front of the class and dictated the lesson. The blank blackboard would stare at us students, jealously curious as to how the teacher's word would look in written form. In that class, I saw Last of the Mohicans, and obediently covered my eyes during Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Crowe's sex scene (later I would discover it was only a steamy kiss). Earlier however, in October, my classmates and I took our seats and Mr. T (as he had asked us to call him as a mercy to his ears from potential mispronunciations) had started the lesson about Christopher Columbus. .

It was the first time I ever heard anyone refer to Columbus as a pirate. It was the first time anything I had been previously taught was challenged by an alternative, logical version. He was the first but not the last of my teachers who dropped gems when The Board wasn't looking. So every Columbus Day reminds me of that discovery. I call it Tabachnikov Day!

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Tabachnicov! (idk how to spell it) That guy was the best. He put me on to Matt Groening comics way before there was ever a Simpsons cartoon. He put me on to Crumb too, he also said something to the entire class that still stuck with me to this very day "every journey begins with one step"...something like that. I always felt bad for giving him the finger and telling him to go fuck himself when he sided with the girl that broke my glasses instead of siding with me. I wonder if hes still alive. I honestly doubt it.