8 1/2 - (1963) Directed by Federico Fellini

Starring Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale,

Anouk Aimee, Sandra Milo, Rosella Falk

I have to watch this again. Really good film but I need more than one viewing before I can have anything to say about it. I wish I knew Italian, I speak spanish and can catch some sense of occasional french and italian sentences, enough at times to notice that the subtitles don't exactly match or don't loosely match or just aren't there...people are speaking and I have no clue what they're saying...I don't like that. I find this a problem in Godard's films as well, I feel like the subtitles are misleading me. Noted, that I understand translations can't be literal, a good translation is based on capturing the best parallel expression; however, I feel like this isn't executed to well by whoever is in charge of the subtitles.

Wendy and Lucy - (2008) Directed by Kelly Reichardt

Starring Michelle Williams, Lucy, Wally Dalton

Anyone else get really angry when she got caught shoplifting? Anyone else wish that punk snitch would turn up again to catch a beating from a homeless crew, all newfound disciples of Wendy Carroll. It was, after all, the shoplifting incident that ignited the rest of the series of events that lead to this:

Michelle Williams was really effective, I was very pleased with her performance; favorite parts from her include, the way she yells out "Lucy," the way she says "yea yea" through out the film, and the many parts where the look on the picture above says simply what words do not. I thought this film would be a very quiet one, I wasn't disappointed in being incorrect. Mind you, its not a heavy metal concert but its no visit to the library either.

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Anonymous said...

wendy and lucy man. that movie bummed me out hard for like 2 days.