The Tender Trap - (1955) Directed by Charles Walters

Starring Frank Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds, David Wayne

and Celeste Holm

Here are some Sole lyrics:


"Poor me, I dig myself holes, somebody marry me I'm getting old...I need a flamingo to put on my front lawn, I need a front lawn..."


"She pulls each string attached to vital organs with a crippling chuckle. He shrieks until its no longer worth mentioning. There's a blizzard outside the dollhouse that permits man from certain rituals. Inside its not much different, the hammer smacks his knees and he's forced to prey to the demon's insecurities. On a pathological, uni-dimensional system of devilish symbols. Which means it doesn't get more disgusting then a moaning desperate soul screaming, 'please don't go until the life is gone!' I know the lights are on I used to light cigarettes with 'em. Make a sacrifice humans are vices too, comfort is a lesser civilized form of conformity. Lets dance on pincushions birth control pills shall be your prison cell. All it wants is an engagement ring circle of fire mother devilish ceremony. She's wearing a black cloak to the wedding, and he's wearing a glue on tie to match the body cast. And every member of the family is lonely and happy, and doesn't have anything to complain about, but never shuts the fuck up 'til he's bathing in a puddle of urine; the cast beautifully fitting. 'Get well soon,' I wrote on the chest in the same shades we use to paint walls with 'til modern technology made the arms obsolete. I imagine she's standing on a toadstool built from the same family tree of broken branches. But the lovely leaves keep them from falling below. The fruits grew up rotten spoiled and spawning parasitic tendencies. My friend, I fear the juices might kill you, but I can't help you. My make pretend crew, runs thicker than fake blood in horror movies.

Man and Woman is killing babies. Man and Woman still beat each other. Man and Woman can barely rarely speak. Man and Woman is all we have and can't love."

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