Career: Looking "A-Head"

DYH is a "Professional Shampoo" it says so on the bottle. This means you're not dealing with any amateur when you squeeze out that ooze and entrust your hair over to it. For DYH, which is an acronym for Designing Your Hair, has long since hurdled over the initial occupation of part-time spectator and part-time participant and is now fully dedicated within a career as a shampoo. DYH is making a steady and quite comfortable income as a shampoo. I mean, it says so on the bottle, "Professional Shampoo!" Now if you want to go and continue using Head & Shoulders, Pantene Pro-V, Herbal Essence, Fructis, or whatever, be my guess. All I know is I'd think twice before handing my hair over to second-rate thugs like those, who dilly-dally without any professional training or professional degree. I mean, I'd like to fancy I have a little more respect for myself than that, I'd like to believe that so would you.

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