Lions and Louts

Out of Africa - (1985) Directed by Sydney Pollack;

Starring Meyrl Streep and Robert Redford

Beautifully acted and filmed. I haven't much to say

other than I loved it.

I also just saw this on TCM.

All Fall Down - (1962) Directed by John Frankenheimer;

Starring Warren Beatty, Angela Lansbury, and Eva Marie Saint

Young Warren Beatty as an asshole who can't help but be self-destructive even though it usually hurts others more than it does himself. Eva Marie Saint plays his love interest, Echo.

I've never seen Eva Marie Saint before in a film, for some reason I mistook her for Mia Farrow whom I've only seen in Allen's Broadway Danny Rose. Brandon De Wilde plays yet again the younger brother to the jerk as he does to Paul Newman in his next film, Hud.

Warren Beatty's character, Berry-Berry Willart, is an angry young man, its never really explained why though, I almost wonder if the story was in response to the british movement of "angry young men" films. Frankenheimer is good as a director but I'm not too fond of the script which was adapted by William Inge from the novel by James Leo Herlihy. I could see this story work in a book where, with words, Berry-Berry could be explored with more depth, Beatty provides this for the character but it would've been nice to have some sort of reason for rhyme, even though Beatty had plenty of rhyme.

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