The Exponential Obsession for Linda Fox

I am through and through obsessed with Kylie Minogue but allow me to elaborate as to the specific realm of my obsession, as its of a special sub-categorization of reverie. My brand of admiration for the Australian Pop Star is confined to only her image; more so, the photographic, promotional image of Kylie Minogue. This is a voiceless, 2-Dimensional, android entity and it is a separate being from the personal Kylie Minogue, who is a breathing, living human being who records music and is globally popular for her hits, videos, and has her own hobbies and interests. She is not an android, she has a voice with thoughts behind those words and if you stood before her, you'd enjoy 3 full dimensions of a very attractive woman.

Yes, Kylie is attractive; but this isn't written from a chauvinist perspective that identifies her to a limited desire of carnal lust. Its not just a physical admiration inspiring a fantasy of sleeping with Kylie that sponsors my obsession. In fact, unless I were dating her, I couldn't imagine seriously having sex with her at all. And there's the deal, it is quite difficult to date a voiceless, 2-Dimensional android.

To express matters as simply as I can, I just like her in pictures and some music videos. But even this is narrowed down as I am not interested in pictures pertaining to interviews, public appearances, or personal affairs. Similarly, I don't care much for talk show appearances, film roles, or any filming that captures her in her "real life". I am glad that she is quite a private person and likes to keep that side of her life to herself, which is to say, to its rightful owner. I am only interested in media that promotes her as a star or celebrated music personae. The many shots for the singles and album artwork of her latest album "X" is a prime example of where the direction of my addiction trails. Also the many pictures and videos of her grand, glamourized live performances may additionally give one the initial basis for my infatuation.

I should also admit here that I am not a fan of Kylie's music. There are songs that I like, The One, 2 Hearts, Slow, Chocolate, Can't Get You Out of My Head, but I could not sit through an entire album, even the songs mentioned are just temporary buzzes that I forget about after a week or so of exclusive attention. I almost feel guilty about my obsession since I do not love her music, often I joke: "I wish Goldfrapp were Kylie's music". This, of course not being fair to Goldfrapp who is among one of my favorite artists, is not meant to be an insult to the beautiful Alison. I simply only wish to illustrate my desire to enjoy Kylie's music as much as I do Goldfrapp.

For you see, the thing that appeals to me is the fact that Kylie's image looks like music that I would enjoy. To me her image is a sexy, electronic, brightly lit star that omits plasma beams of neon spectrums. Appearing to me like a muse or nymph, Kylie becomes the personification of the music I would aspire to create. My Immaculate Conception of sound brought to humanoid translation; a Galatea who was vividly transferred to visible presentation from, not stone but audio sound frequencies and amplifications.

Kylie is more art than artist, her image is a model who has her own ever altering soundtrack allianced by videos, calendars, posters, magazine spreads, ads, and other media supernovas as thought up and designed by modern Lautrecs. If you're thinking, "big deal, nowadays which superstar isn't marketed in that fashion?" You are right but as far as my personal inclination and preference is concerned, so far no other superstar sounds like Kylie's image when passed through my eyes and ears.

I hope I have not insulted the woman behind the image, hopefully she may find appreciation in the fact that she has inspired another, although not directly through music but nevertheless through something she has put forth for others to enjoy.

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