Terminator Salvation: Morning Drill

My Monthly Aresian Horoscope

March 21 - April 19

and so begins

man vs. machine

Aries, today they were drilling your neighbor's drive way and sidewalk. And you, Aries, do you not sleep towards the front of the apartment? Wasn't it true that here the noise was at its proudest volume? In the dining room, for this is where you sleep, is it not Aries? In this dining room that keeps the living room company at the front of the apartment through a doorless threshold, like two mouths opened at the connection of a kiss, at this border, was not the drilling a tad, let us say, unpleasant? Did not these mischievous immigrants of sound hop this border to pursue countless vocations to sustain the divorce between yourself and Madame Rest.

In fact let us be honest Aries, was not the drilling impressionably close? Impressionably crass and rude, or impressionably insulting. Surely it was, was it not, impressionably perverted against innocent Silence in her Evangelical skirts. Could not the drilling be said to almost be in the apartment? Audibly, it was! Audibly it was practically paying rent with a hole torn right through the lease where the drilling signed its name. Might as well! While we're here Aries, lets add to the "might-as-wells." The drilling might as well have used your bathroom and called you honey, might as well have fixed up a fine mess of a breakfast plate and on the seldom utilized dining table, commented on the weather while enjoying waffles and a morning fruit shake. Yes Aries, Drill would say this and more, all with the same hard stutter, rolling that same "R" 'til Kingdom Come; rolling far into the applications of infinity.

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