Start the Week with Jazz and a Foiled Assassination Plot

The Man Who Knew Too Much - (1956)

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

James Stewart and Doris Day

I love Doris Day. Even more so as a mother on screen.

Paris Blues - (1961) Directed by Martin Ritt

Starring Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward

Sidney Poitier, Diahann Carroll, and Louis Armstrong

My new favorite music film. There's this one scene where the smoke from a train billows upwards, the camera is set above looking down at an angle that tapers the far end of the railroad at the top of the camera. As the train leaves the station, the smoke rises and fogs most of the camera and the scene whites out. This is one of my favorite scenes, mind you none of the actors starring in the film are shown in this scene, at least I don't think they are, If I'm wrong then they are too far in the distance for too short a time before the fog hid them.

This is yet another Martin Ritt film, I've been watching a couple of those now.

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