Her Beauty's Like a Bunch of Rose

The Long, Hot Summer - (1958) Directed by Martin Ritt

Starring Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Anthony Franciosa,

Orson Welles, Lee Remick, and Angela Lansbury

I really enjoyed watching this but I won't share details as to why. I have more important matters to simultaneous confess and attend. Attendance by Confession, if you will.

Angela Lansbury, viewing this movie has made me realize that I really find her attractive. Something about the shape of her face, her big eyes and full chin, that neck that, oh my lord, calls for my canines with the lure of vampiric fetish. She was about 33 when she acted in this film and about 19 when she made her debut in Gaslight in 1944.

She's also a really good actress, though I haven't seen her in much, what I have seen already displays range of character. A strong manipulative mother in the Manchurian Candidate, a snobby high society adulteress in The World of Henry Orient, a delusive mother who won't except that her son's no good in All Fall Down, a sassy, british house maid in Gaslight, and a country woman itching to get hitched in The Long, Hot Summer.

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