Awkward To Be Human...Too many Hard Feelings

My Monthly Aresian Horoscope
March 21 - April 19

You'll be sitting and watching those around you in a cafe or diner of sorts. You'll be tired and drifting between thoughts that haze rapidly like overcast clouds, spreading above the weather of your mind. With friends, you'll sit and listen when distractions silently allow you to and tiny accumulations of boredom will no doubt begin to toll the borders of tolerance. Its rather dark and cool in the cafe or diner, with candles at each table to warm you up for the bad service. When the waiter finally waits you'll order some food and possibly eat it too fast and constantly wonder what you're still doing there. Sitting. Thinking. Barely participating in conversation, adding a joke or addendum but never initiating the body of discourse, never staking too much in its practice. What is it you want? Where is it you'd rather be? You can't help but know it isn't above that seat and under that dark ceiling nourished by some french music; interlaced with voices all crumpled together like a page with an error that looks at you and blames you for its existence. You want to get up and exit, alone. You'll leave the money for what you ordered on the table and go home. You wonder if your friends will be hurt by this behavior but you don't feel guilty or shameful for feeling as you do. You want to leave them.

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