Today You Get To Say 'I Told You So'

by A.E. Paulino

I've been in the dead end of cave
caved in, I've been there with nothing of more
than a dull flame, asthmatic light almost out of lung
dullest makes gray separate from black
and to that extends its reach
thinking my gray a brilliant white
because its all available with nothing
of true light to compare against

all at once a scalpel dissects cave walls
and pure sunlight burns eyes to the back
of my dark vibrating mind
I sit and can't find that dull little flame
where has it gone and I remember
how clear it shone out in that absolute of cave

now I walk forward wishing to not squint
through eyelids like a veil over whispered-open eyes
I can't see anything but I know its clear and true
bright warmth on my face
embracing me back into a world
a world long from a detention
where I've been kept and made to miss
all the beams and rays that intensified
in between the days I've been caved
now in extreme fires of sunlight
am I made to adjust.

its also a question.

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