Dolled-up Temptations

I am easily taken by presentation, its one of my many weaknesses. I cannot cease but judge a book by its cover--This, likewise, now applies to cds, dvds, and websites. Its shallow, I suppose and simultaneously admit, but it makes more of a personal difference than I care to be proud of.

The above Criterion Eclipse Series Collection is so sexy, it looks like candy! The brain dead consumer in me just dutifully jumps and barks like a dog for it. Its so neat and clean, simple and sophisticated, I fight thoroughly, the impulse to toss out 40+ dollars on possessing it. I promise myself I won't. The Criterion Collection is the high maintenance wife of my dreams that I love and hate. The Criterion website is just as alluring, like the perfect recreational loft for such a silk stockinged mistress.

Over-accessorized, over-produced, and sadly, more often than not, exclusive (as most of the films are out of print leaving them only available on The Criterion Collection). I'd be perfectly happy if they'd just restore the film and sell me just that! Sure, I'd want it sold in a fancy package as well, after all I'm still civilized, aren't I?

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