Astral Traveller

My Monthly Aresian Horoscope
March 21 - April 19

If you're an Aries you are at this exact moment thinking back to the time I wrote this, when you were thinking that the time is perfect for collecting information and networking to find like-minded individuals to help one another achieve a common goal:


All Aries are tired of Earth, its about that time we put our paper together and made a spaceship, get some lawyers so we could find some loophole that allows us to take that flight* (I'm pretty sure unauthorized space travel is illegal as all good things are; you would think the authoritative body, glad, to get rid of the disgruntled inhabitants). We need some construction workers, artists/architects, avant-scientist (a.k.a. meta-mega-alpha geeks), and a dope* stereo system, because what the hell is virgin* space travel without M83 and Yes! We don't need astronauts just lots of wikipedia and youtube research (a PhD. in physics, chemistry and any form of math wouldn't hurt either) and also anyone who just wants to see space and isn't at all afraid of the possible and very eager-likely chance that they will die as nobody on staff is certainly qualified to explore space.

1. "...take that flight" is a shameless reference to my friend,
Enchant Emerson's upcoming album, A N T A R C T I C A,
"take the flight" being almost the tagline of the album itself.
2. "dope" does not reference illegal drug substances,
it just means cool or awesome.
3. "virgin" does not reference Richard Branson's celestial ambitions
it just means virgin, as in first time.

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